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You adore your pet. In fact, you don’t just view them as an animal that lives in your home, but as an integral part of your family dynamics. As such, you always want what’s best for them. You want to help your beloved companion enjoy as many happy, healthy years as possible. At Main West Animal Hospital, we share that very same goal! The health and wellbeing of your pet is just as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to establish a comprehensive system of care that is designed to extend and improve the life of each and every patient we serve.

At Main West, we take a uniquely holistic approach to animal health care. We believe that the more options you have, the more precise and effective care your pet will receive. While we place a strong emphasis on wellness care and preventative medicine, we also offer a broad range of medical, dental, diagnostic and surgical services to assist your pet through every life stage and provide him or her with everything needed to enjoy a lifetime of good health. Whether it’s a routine checkup, an x-ray or endoscopy, a complex surgical procedure or an emergency visit in the middle of the night, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the best possible care with each and every visit.

In addition to our traditional Western medicine options, we’re also proud to offer a variety of alternative therapies and treatment options to better serve all of your pet care needs. From chiropractic adjustments to create a more balanced, comfortable existence to laser therapy treatments to manage pain and speed healing following injury or surgery, our goal is to provide you with all of the services, tools, education and support necessary to extend and improve the quality of your pet’s life.

The comprehensive veterinary and pet care services available to patients of Main West Animal Hospital include, but are not limited to:

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Sloppy Kisses

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