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How to Catch a Runaway Gerbil

April 1, 2015

Do you have a pet gerbil? If so, you have a furry little escape artist in your home! Gerbils are notorious for getting out of their cages. These tiny animals are very nimble, and can easily find a hiding spot. In this article, your local Pelham vet discusses what to do if your tiny furball ever makes a break for it.

Confine Other Pets

If you have any other pets, especially dogs or cats, keep them confined until you find your little runaway. Keep a close eye on your furbabies until you find your gerbil. That said, if you notice Fluffy paying close attention to a particular spot or piece of furniture, check that area closely.

Do a Room-By-Room Search

If a quick scan of your home doesn’t turn up your missing gerbil, you’ll need to start a more thorough search. These tiny furballs can fit into some very small spaces, so you’ll need to be very thorough. Check behind and underneath furniture, and in drawers and boxes. These little ones can also fit behind books and squeeze into sofa cushions.

Leave a Trail

The chance for some yummy treats may tempt your pet to come out of hiding. Leave a trail of your pet’s favorite nuts or seeds, and see if your little escapee emerges.

Lure Him Back

Put a box or trashcan on its side, and place some of your gerbil’s favorite treats inside it. Sooner or later, your gerbil will want to investigate. When he does, just tilt it right side up to trap your gerbil. There are quite a few clever options for homemade gerbil traps made from boxes, jars, and towels. Feel free to experiment, but just be sure to put your pet’s safety first. Don’t make any traps that could hurt the little one!

Use a Flashlight

Using a flashlight to check dark corners may help, especially if your pet has dark fur.

Check Door Gaps

If your exterior door has gaps, your little one could have gotten outside. Check the bottom of your doors to determine if your furry escapee might have made it outdoors. Use towels or cardboard to seal off door gaps.

Do you have any questions about caring for a pet gerbil? We are always here to help! As your local Pelham veterinary clinic, we are here to provide the best veterinary services possible.

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