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How to Tame a Cockatiel

March 15, 2015

Have you recently adopted a cockatiel? These beautiful birds can make excellent, loving pets. Cockatiels have very distinct personalities, and must be tamed and socialized. If you’ve fallen for a bird that wasn’t properly socialized, or has had bad experiences, it may take some time for you to truly tame your pet. In this article, your local Welland vet offers tips on taming cockatiels.

Get To Know Your Bird

If your bird is acting aggressive, the first thing you’ll want to do is try to identify what is causing Polly to bite. Watch your little pet closely and observe her body language. Chances are, she’ll announce her intentions before she actually bites. Hissing, moving away, swaying, and tail fanning are a few warning signs that your bird is about to attack. Watch for these signals, and if you see your pet start to get aggravated, stop what you’re doing and leave her alone for a while.

Positive Reinforcement

Make sure that every interaction your bird has with you is a positive experience. Give Polly lots of toys and treats, and talk to her in a calm, smooth tone. Never yell at your bird for misbehavior. Birds don’t understand punishment, so reprimands may only scare your feathered pet. Instead, focus on rewarding good behavior. Keep in mind that birds will hone in on your tone of voice and the energy you present. Never handle your bird when you’re in a bad mood!

Make Her Comfortable

Making sure Polly is happy and comfortable in her cage will go a long way in helping her relax. Cage size and placement is very important to birds. Get the largest cage you can. Make sure to place it in an optimal area, where your pet can interact and watch her human family without being exposed to the dangers of cooking fumes. Put some bird-safe plants near the cage to help your feathered buddy feel at home. Last but not least, give your winged pet plenty of toys and treats!

Winning a bird’s trust can be a long, slow, process, but it’s definitely worth your while. Don’t expect your bird to cuddle the first day, and give Polly plenty of time to adjust to you and your home. In time, you might see some wonderful changes in your feathered pet.

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