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Paw Care Tips For Fido

Our furry friends face some specific hazards in winter, just like in any other season. For dogs, one of the issues for pet owners to be aware of is paw care. Ice, snow, salt, and sand can all hurt Fido’s …
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Kneading In Kitties

Have you adopted a kitten recently? Congratulations! Your furry little pet will likely have you wrapped around that little paw in no time. Kittens are beyond cute. They can also be a bit of a handful. Over the next few …
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Cat Food Storage Mistakes

Fresh food is important for cats and humans alike. Out of necessity, we learned how to stock our food, especially those of us who always buy in bulk. It only makes sense to take similar measures when managing Fluffy’s food …
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Flying With Fido

Season’s Greetings! This holiday season is turning out to be much busier than last year’s was. When traveling, many people like to bring their dogs with them …. even on planes. But is that a good idea? A vet discusses …
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Signs Of Diabetes In Pets

This month of November is Pet Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes is a dangerous disease that affects both pets and people. And it’s crucial for you to bring your furry companion to the vet every year for panels and screenings. However, …
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Canine Lymphoma Awareness Month

Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day is November 7th. Canine lymphoma is one of the most common cancers often found in dogs. In fact, as many as 20 percent of canine cancer cases could be lymphoma-related. A local vet discusses canine lymphoma …
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