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How to Be a Great Cat Owner

August 15, 2016

Cats are certainly endearing little furballs. Fluffy’s soothing purrs, adorable meows, and loving cuddles have won the hearts of billions of people over the years. While kitties have many wonderful qualities, one of the reasons they make such great pets is that they are quite self-sufficient. Your pet will groom herself daily, and will discretely use the litterbox, so you don’t have to rush home to walk her. But what does it take to keep Fluffy happy and healthy? A Pelham, ON veterinarian offers some key advice below.


Your kitty’s diet plays a huge role in her overall health. Pay attention to what you’re putting in Fluffy’s bowl: not all cat foods are created equal! Choose brands that list meat as the first and major ingredient. Ask your vet for specific nutritional recommendations, including serving sizes and suitable treats.


Cats hate dirty litterboxes, and who can blame them? Scoop Fluffy’s powder room out daily, and change the litter every week. If you have multiple kitties, you’ll need at least one box per feline, plus at least one extra.

Keeping Kitty Safe

Cats are both safe and healthier living indoors. Keep Fluffy safe and sound inside!

Veterinary Care

Good veterinary care is very important! Kitties should have regular examinations, as well as recommended vaccines. We also strongly advise you to have your furball microchipped and spayed or neutered. In between visits, always watch for potential signs of illness. If you notice anything unusual about Fluffy’s behavior, appearance, vocalizations, or appetite, call your vet immediately.

Kitty Comfort

Cats are certainly sleepy little furballs! Give Fluffy lots of soft, comfy beds to snuggle up in. Scratching posts and pet furniture are also great for kitties.


We know, kitties seem to really enjoy doing as little as possible. However, toys and entertainment are very important for your furball’s well-being. Fill Fluffy’s toy box with fun playthings, and play with her every day. We also recommend giving your feline voyeur a comfy window seat with a good view.


Pay attention to your kitty: play with her, talk to her, cuddle her, and interact with her. This will make Fluffy feel safe and loved, and help keep that little motor going.

Is your kitty due for veterinary care? Call us, your Pelham, ON animal clinic! We will provide your cat with the best care around.