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Budget-Friendly DIY Rabbit Toys

March 1, 2015

Like many pocket pets, rabbits are curious and playful, and can quickly get bored living in a cage. To keep your bunny entertained and happy, you’ll need to provide him with lots of toys. Rabbits are known for their need to chew, so, needless to say, many of their toys don’t last very long! Below, your veterinarian Pelham gives some great options for cheap, DIY bunny toys.


Bunnies love fresh herbs! One inexpensive way to amuse your bunny is to grow small pots of organic herbs in your garden or on your windowsill. Sage, basil, parsley, rosemary, and dill are just a few of the herbs that are safe for rabbits. You can give Peter a small pot, or cut the herbs and stuff them into cardboard toilet-paper rolls.


It doesn’t get much simpler than this! Cardboard boxes, tunnels, and tubes offer a plethora of fun options for amusing bunnies. A single cardboard box made into a little house can keep your fuzzy buddy occupied for hours on end. You can up the entertainment factor by making holes in the sides of the box, and then stuffing the spaces with fresh, rabbit-safe herbs.


Plain, unprinted copy paper can be loads of fun for a playful bunny. You can shred paper and set it in a pile for Peter to play in, or crumple it up around a treat.

Pine Cones

Some bunnies absolutely love pine cones! You can buy them or pick them; just make sure to wash them carefully, and only use pine cones from trees that have not been chemically treated.

Newspaper Tunnels

This is one bunnies are sure to love! Roll sheets of newspaper around something round, like a bucket or cake pan, then fold the edges in so they hold together and remove the bucket. Voila!

Grass Trays

This one’s super easy! Simply plant some fresh grass in a tray, and let them grow. Use a rabbit-safe type of grass, and avoid treating it with any kind of chemicals. When the grass gets to be about four or five inches high, wash and dry it, and then offer it to Peter as a fun treat! You can hide little snacks in the grass to make it even more fun.

Do you have any questions about caring for your pet rabbit? Please contact us, your vet clinic Pelham, any time!