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Budget-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets

December 15, 2014

With the holidays approaching, many of us are digging deep into our wallets to cover the seasonal expenses of gifts, extra food, travel, decorations, and higher heating and lighting bills. Cooking that mouth-watering holiday food, wrapping gifts, and spending time with our loved ones are, for many of us, things we do while our furkids are at our feet, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. If you want to include your pet in the seasonal festivities, but are on a tight budget, read on for some great recommendations for budget toys for pets from your local veterinarian Pelham.

Gifts For Kitties

Your feline friend may just enjoy the holiday season almost as much as you do. There are ornaments to bat, wrapping paper to tear, extra laps to curl up on, and trees to climb! Although Fluffy may think that your beautiful Christmas tree is just for her, we know better. Cardboard scratching posts, homemade catnip toys, kitty condos made from cardboard boxes, catnip sock toys, and homemade wand and feather toys are all great options for gifts for Kitty. Giving her a few early may distract her from the tree.

Gifts For Pups

Most dogs absolutely love rope toys. Why not make him one by cutting up an old, plain tee shirt and braiding it together? You can also get your pup a canister of tennis balls fairly cheaply. Thrift stores often have stuffed animals which will be suitable gifts for Fido, as long as they are carefully washed, and have no small parts that could choke him. You can also find recipes online for homemade doggy treats that are quite inexpensive, and can be shared with Fido’s doggy friends.

Pocket Pets

Rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, and Guinea pigs all love chewing, and cardboard is a great option for them. Use toilet paper or paper towel rolls to make a variety of cute toys for your little pet. Tissue boxes can be turned into hidey-holes, and ceramic planters can also make cute homes for little ones. Plain copy paper can be shredded, or wadded up into a ball with a treat inside for another great toy option. Washed, uncoated pinecones can also be great toys for some pocket pets.

When making toys for pets, always be sure to use nontoxic materials only. Don’t give your pet anything with small or loose pieces that he could ingest or choke on, such as beads or buttons.

We here at your local vet clinic Pelham want to wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday season! We look forward to serving you in the new year.