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How Obedience Training Benefits Your Dog (and You)

September 15, 2014

You’ve been itching to adopt a dog for several weeks, and you finally found your new best friend through a local rescue group. Cody is a rambunctious Labrador retriever mix with lots of energy and charm, but with a local lack of obedience skills. In fact, you don’t think four-year-old Cody has ever seen a dog trainer in his life. That’s about to change, as you’ve signed Cody up for basic obedience classes with a reputable local trainer. Before Cody can reap the benefits of training, though, he needs to meet his Pelham veterinarian for a complete physical exam.

Well Controlled Behavior

Right now, 85-pound Cody is totally unmanageable, pulling you down the street during walks and jumping on your friends and family. Since you can’t currently control this wild beast of a dog, you can’t take him to family events or even to the dog park. Cody’s basic obedience class will change that out-of-control behavior. He’ll learn to sit, stay, come when called, and walk calmly on his leash, among other desirable actions.

Better Canine Socialization Skills

While you don’t have many details about Cody’s previous life, you suspect he didn’t receive much socialization, as he seems a bit timid around other dogs. After completing an obedience class, Cody will be more comfortable with his canine classmates while learning what is (and what isn’t) acceptable behavior. After all, Cody will meet lots of other dogs on his daily walks, trips to the dog park, and visits with family and friends. You want him to be a desirable guest who’s invited to return.

Happier Dog Ownership

Once Cody’s obedience training kicks in, and you can reliably control this super-strong overgrown puppy, you can better enjoy that dog/owner bond you’ve been waiting for. Cody will be happier, too, as he’ll have established rules and boundaries and will know what happens when he doesn’t listen to your commands.

More Human Socialization

While Cody learns his canine obedience skills, you’ll meet and greet other dog owners whose pets are obedience-challenged, too. While you swap dog stories, you’ll likely trade a few social invitations. Over time, you and Cody can build your own social circle of happy dogs and much more relaxed owners.

When Cody next visits his Pelham vet, your dog can show off his obedience skills and prove that he has become a well-behaved pooch you can take anywhere.