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Benefits of Adopting Adult Cats

July 15, 2014

Are you considering bringing a feline buddy into your Welland home? Shelters are filled to overflowing with sweet, loving kitties that need good homes. Sadly, many of these cats are passed over in favor of kittens. We understand it’s hard to resist a kitten. The cute factor alone can be almost overwhelming. Older cats, however, make excellent pets, and in some cases, may be more suitable.

Here are a few reasons why adopting an adult cat is a great move:

Adult Cats are Calmer

We know kittens are adorable, but that cuteness comes with a flip side. Kittens are toddlers, and a cat in their ‘terrible twos’ can be quite a handful. Adult cats, on the other hand, are generally calmer, less energetic, and less apt to get caught in your purse or play with electrical wire. They’re still plenty playful, but they won’t drive you batty by pouncing on your feet while you’re trying to sleep.

Adult Cats Already Have Their Personalities

It’s hard to say for certain what your kitten’s personality will be when she grows up, or what size she will reach. With adult cats, you know what your cat looks like, and acts like; you know what type of coat Kitty has, and her full size. If an adult cat is affectionate to you at a shelter, it’s not likely that she will act any differently at your home.

Adult Cats Don’t Need Babysitting

Kittens need constant monitoring, and in some cases, constant rescuing. A kitten can get into all sorts of trouble while you’re at work, but an older kitty is more likely to just sleep while you’re away.

Adult Cats May Do Better with Children

Kittens can be very fragile. Children fall hard for their adorable and playful behavior, but can be sometimes unintentionally rough with little furballs. This goes both ways; kittens haven’t necessarily learned all their manners yet, and those sharp little claws and teeth can hurt a child. Adult cats are better able to withstand an overzealous child’s playfulness, or, more likely, will simply retreat.

Save a Life

Kittens stand a very high chance of being adopted. Adult cats, however, may not be so lucky. There are few things more gratifying than knowing you’ve saved a life. Your cat will understand that you saved her from the shelter, and will likely show her gratitude with affection, purrs, and kitty kisses.

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