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Helping Your Dog Recover After Surgery

July 1, 2014

If your Welland dog needs surgery, you may find yourself a bit anxious about his aftercare. Your vet will provide you with complete instructions for Fido’s recovery, as well as directions on how and when to administer any medications. Be sure that you understand the dosages and schedules for medication very clearly, and follow your vet’s directions to the letter. Ask plenty of questions, and make sure to get contact information for after-hours emergencies.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:


The Elizabethan collar, also known as a cone or lampshade, will keep your dog from licking or biting at stitches. A collar is recommended as a precaution in most cases, because if Fido rips out his stitches, he could seriously hurt himself. Your canine friend will probably hate the collar, and may look at you pleadingly with those big brown eyes, begging you to take it off him. Don’t fall for it; he’s much safer with the cone. Don’t forget to take a few pictures of your furry buddy wearing his little lampshade!


Never bathe a dog that has stitches. You’ll actually want to take Fido to the salon shortly before surgery, so you shouldn’t have to worry about grooming while he’s recovering. If your canine buddy’s fur tends to tangle and mat, you can lightly brush him after about a week, but stay well away from the surgical area.

Crate Rest

Your vet may recommend your dog be crated for a few days following surgery, to ensure he doesn’t overexert himself or get into something he shouldn’t. Your furry pal may not be thrilled about being crated, but it’s for his own good. If your living area tends to be fairly quiet, you can bring the crate there so Fido doesn’t feel lonely.


Your vet will likely want you to restrict your dog’s activities for at least the first few days. It’s very important that you don’t let your dog overexert himself during recovery, so your pooch should only be outside long enough to take care of business. If you walk your dog, stay close to home, and avoid areas with distractions, such as other dogs or lots of squirrels. For some surgeries, it may be several weeks before your furry buddy is cleared to resume a normal exercise regimen.

Be sure to follow all of your vet’s aftercare instructions very closely to ensure your pooch’s recovery process goes smoothly. Make Fido your priority while he is recovering, and use his healing period as a chance to spend some quality time with your pup, and enjoy some downtime in your Welland home.