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Cat Breeds – Fluffiest Kitties

June 15, 2014

Are you looking for a fluffy feline for your Welland home? Every pet owner has their own individual preferences when it comes to pets. Some dog owners like St. Bernards, while others love Chihuahuas. When it comes to our feline friends, the same rules apply: some people prefer sleeker, short-haired cats, and others fall for fluffy kitties. If you are one of the latter, there are several different breeds that may suit you.

Here are some of the fluffier breeds:


Originally from Iran, these gentle and sensitive kitties are known for having those distinctive pushed-in faces. They are very affectionate and good with children, though they may not care much for dogs. That long, fluffy coat does need regular grooming in order for Kitty to look her best.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are gentle and affectionate, and quite intelligent. They have cute “squirrel” tails, and tend to vocalize in a very cute chirpy-sounding meow. Maine Coons tend to get along very well with dogs, so they are a great choice if you have a canine friend.


Known for being particularly docile, the gentle ragdoll doesn’t get too worked up if there are playful children or rambunctious dogs around. These kitties are very lovable and affectionate, and tend to adapt to almost any situation.


Siberians are very large kitties, and actually rank among the biggest cat breeds. These furballs are smart and cuddly, and are also quite playful. They get along very well with children, and tend to become buddies with dogs.


Birmans are super cute! They tend to have pale fur and dark faces. Originally bred by Burmese monks, these fluffballs are cuddly and sociable. They adapt very well to kids and dogs, and have a medium energy level; they won’t sleep all the time, but they aren’t likely to wake you up playing in the middle of the night.


Himalayans have a very sweet temperament. They are mild mannered and typically good-natured. Their coats do require daily brushing. These kitties love to play and fetch!

Turkish Van

These white and orange cuties are known for having white bodies and fluffy red tails. The Turkish Van is smart and frisky, and often quite chatty! They tend to adapt quite well to most households, and love to play with children and dogs.

These are just a few examples of fluffy kitties. Of course, mixed breed kitties can be quite adorable and fluffy as well. You may also find a sweet, adorable fluffball of a mixed breed waiting for you at a Welland shelter.