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Welland Veterinarian Update Lyme Disease

May 20, 2014

Lyme’s disease is transmitted to humans and dogs through the bite of an infected tick.  Specifically from the deer tick/black legged tick  Ixodes scapularis .  In the Niagara region our Welland veterinarian has seen a steadily increasing number of dogs that have been infected with Lyme disease.

The symptoms of Lyme disease in dogs can be vague: Fever, loss of energy, decreased appetite, lameness on one or more legs and changes in regular behavior/routines.  Early detection and treatment of this disease is critical to prevent serious health risks. Fortunately for our pets our Welland Veterinarian is able to test for infection with Lyme disease.  At the Main West Animal Hospital we offer testing to all at risk pets and can administer vaccinations to prevent infection.We also carry safe and effective products to help repel ticks so that they can’t bite your dog in the first place.

We would like to remind all pet owners that Lyme disease is also transmissible to humans through infected ticks. You should check yourself and your pets thoroughly after walking to ensure no unpleasant visitors have been picked up.  Protect your dog this summer and contact us about Lyme disease testing (now included with Heartworm Testing!!), vaccination and tick prevention products.

Contact us today- 905-735-7877 or online at  https://mainwestvet.com/pet-resources/veterinarian-appointment/