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Welland Vet Hospital Tips For Traveling With Your Cat

May 1, 2014

Your cat Zoey is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Actually, so are you, as you’re soon taking Zoey on a fairly long car trip. Zoey’s up to date on her vaccinations, so cross that off the list. You’ve asked your Pelham veterinarian’s staff to provide you with a list of animal hospitals, including emergency care facilities, in case Zoey encounters a medical problem.


Tags and Microchips

Zoey always wears her colorful collar with her rabies tags and your contact information. Just in case her collar comes off by accident, or is stolen, you’ve gotten Zoey microchipped as well. Make sure Zoey’s microchip registration is current, and call the registration service with your contact numbers.


Clean, Comfy Cat Crate

Zoey needs a snug little space of her own during the long car ride. Retrieve her travel crate from storage, and thoroughly clean and sanitize it. Right before the big trip, arrange Zoey’s favorite blanket inside her crate, leave the door open, and invite her to check out the comfortable lodging. You want Zoey to view the crate as a first-class traveling hotel room.


Kibbles and Water

As you might suspect, this isn’t the time to switch up Zoey’s food. Stock up on her regular food to decrease the chances of intestinal system meltdown, which no one wants to experience. Keeping Zoey’s familiar food will help reduce her stress level, too. Pack her water bowl and a container of fresh, clean water.


Medication Needs

If Zoey takes regular medications or supplements, ask your Pelham vet for sufficient prescription refills. If you suspect Zoey’s patience will wear out quickly, ask your vet about prescribing a medication to keep Zoey calm and mellow.


Happy Cat Supplies

Zoey will appreciate some famiiar cat toys, plus a few treats if you think her system can handle it. Add a clean litter pan, scoop, and some bagged-up cat litter. Double-bag the litter to eliminate the chance of the litter spilling throughout your vehicle.


While the vehicle’s moving, keep Zoey in her crate, as a free-ranging feline might distract the driver and cause an accident. During a rest break, ask everyone to leave the vehicle, and open Zoey’s crate so she can stretch her legs. She might need to use her litter box, too. After all, you want Zoey to have a good travel experience so she’ll agree to go with you again.

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