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Saving Money on Pet Care

March 1, 2014

Many potential pet owners—or even current ones—are put off by the amount of money they’ll have to spend on a pet over the years. While a pet isn’t a cheap investment by any means, there are ways to cut down on costs a bit. Learn how from a Pelham vet here.

Home Grooming

Instead of paying a groomer or pet stylist, groom your pet at home—get a quality brush and give your pet regular brushings to keep his coat smooth and shiny. Bathe your pet as often as once a month to remove dirt and debris. Clip the nails regularly with a pet-specific nail trimmer.

Moderate Food Portions

Overfeeding not only makes your pet obese, it wastes money because you have to buy more food more often. Feed your pet appropriately, and ask your veterinarian about the proper portion sizes and mealtimes for your pet.

Spay and Neuter

Spaying or neutering your pet is one of the best ways to save money in the long run. Spaying or neutering greatly reduces or eliminates the risk of certain cancers, and generally makes your pet behave better. It also saves the cost of an unwanted litter of babies! Call your vet’s office to ask about the spaying and neutering procedures and set up an appointment.

Preventative Medicine

Preventative steps, such as vaccines, are great ways to cut down on pet costs in the long term. The cost of a vaccine is far, far less than the cost of treating and managing a disease later in life that could have been prevented with a simple vaccination. Ask your vet what shots your pet ought to have, as well as preventative medicines like heartworm treatment and flea and tick medications.

Skip the Novelties

Mink coats, fur collars, or pet perfumes may be nice ways to pamper your pet, but skip these items if you’re really interested in saving money on pet care. These aren’t essentials for your pet’s well-being, and they could really care less what they’re wearing or showing off.

Visit the Vet

Regular veterinary visits are another great way to save money. Any disorders or diseases will be caught early and treated properly, saving you the time and monetary cost of treating an expensive disease.  Make an appointment with your Pelham veterinarian  today!