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Main West Animal Hospital Welland gives tips for Caring for Your Pet Sugar Glider

November 11, 2013

Sugar gliders are tiny marsupials that are becoming more and more popular among exotic pet owners. And if you’ve ever laid eyes on one of these cute little creatures, you’ll know why. Yet true to the definition of the term “exotic”, sugar gliders require a unique level of care in order for them to be healthy and to thrive. If you’re considering adopting one, here is some helpful advice from a Welland animal hospital, the Main West Animal Hospital on how to properly care for your new pet.

Enclosure  – Sugar gliders need room to move around, so a minimum cage size of 24 x 24 inches, by 36 inches high should suffice (although, bigger is better). The cage should have vertical bars on which your pet can climb, and it should contain lots of things to keep your pet stimulated, such as toys, ladders, ropes or even an exercise wheel. Your Welland animal hospital, the Main West Animal Hospital can provide some more tips for how to set up your sugar glider’s home.

Diet  – While there is some debate over what the “perfect” diet is for a sugar glider, one thing is agreed on: sugar gliders need a very balanced diet in order to survive. This may include a combination of specially formulated food as well as vitamin and/or mineral supplements. Work with your Welland animal hospital, the Main West Animal Hospital to develop a customized nutritional and dietary plan for your new pet.

Socialization  – Sugar gliders are very social animals and live in groups in the wild. For this reason, many owners choose to keep more than one as pets. This isn’t necessary, however, provided that you plan to interact with your sugar glider on a daily basis. These creatures love to be handled and to be close to their human companions. Try wearing two shirts, and letting your sugar glider hang out in between them, or even in your pocket! Get creative.

Training  – Believe it or not, you can train a sugar glider to become more comfortable around people and even to eliminate in a designated area (essentially house training them). This takes consistency and patience, and a lot of time spent handling your new pet. It’s best to start when they are very young, but if you’ve got the time and patience, they can be trained at just about any age.

Sugar gliders are gentle, affectionate and loyal companions. Provided that you take into consideration all of the unique care needs of your new pet, and work closely with your Welland animal hospital, the Main West Animal Hospital, your new pet will adjust to his or her new home quickly and enjoy a long, happy and healthy life.


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