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Cat-Proof Your Home – Simple Tips from a Welland Veterinary Hospital

October 4, 2013

If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know how curious and conniving they can be. Cats can get into the strangest of predicaments, some of which can inadvertently cause injury or harm to your four-legged family member. To lessen the likelihood that your cat ends up in a dangerous situation at home, it’s important to take the appropriate precautions in kitty-proofing the area. Here are a few simple tips from a Welland Veterinary Hospital on protecting your cat from common household hazards.

Yarn, String or Rubber Bands  – Contrary to popular belief, allowing your cat to play with balls of yarn, string or other such objects can actually be quite dangerous. If your pet accidentally swallows these items, they can become lodged in the stomach or intestines, and result in anything from infection to emergency surgery with your Welland Veterinary Hospital, to possible death.

Cabinets and Cupboards  – Cats explore just about everywhere, so if your cupboard or cabinet doors are left open, consider it an open invitation for your kitty to snoop. This can become a problem when the contents of these cabinets include things like medications or chemicals, which your cat could ingest and become ill.

Wired Up  – Dangling wires can be irresistible to your cat, but can result in anything from a falling object injuring your cat to an electrocution.

Desktop Dangers  – Remember – cats are expert climbers, so don’t ever think that higher surfaces are off-limits to your cat. Desks can be especially dangerous because they often have small objects lying around like pencil erasers and paper clips, which can become choking hazards to your curious kitty.

Fire Hazards  – Candles may make your home smell lovely, but they can quickly become a dangerous fire hazard if your cat decides to explore and accidently knocks one over. It’s better to skip real candles and go for faux ones instead.

Toys  – It’s hard to imagine things that are specifically designed for cats to play with being dangerous to their health and safety, but they can. Make sure that the toys you choose are of good quality (your Welland Veterinary Hospital can provide recommendations), and keep a close eye for any loose items like feathers, strings or bells, that could be accidently swallowed and cause your cat to choke.

As caring pet owners, it’s our job to do what it takes to keep our animal companions safe. By following these tips, and working closely with your Welland Veterinary Hospital you’ll be able to make your home into a safe haven for your kitty to explore.

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