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Welland Veterinary Clinic Dog Skin Allergy Update

August 20, 2013

Every year starting in late August our Welland Veterinary Clinic starts to have owners bringing in dogs with the same illness.  This illness can have many different clinical presentations: Itchy Skin, Rashes or pustules on the dog’s belly and or armpits, dry crusty skin, ear infections, watery eyes and scratching at the face.    What is this horrible condition you’re probably asking?

The technical name for it is Atopy, but we all know it by it’s more common name- Allergies.  At our Welland Veterinary Clinic we find most clients very surprised when we tell them that their dog has allergies.  In fact most pet owners don’t realize that dogs can and do develop allergies.  Dog’s can be allergic to many things but at this time of year if the symptoms start a dog most likely has environmental allergies.

Late summer and early fall (Mid August til Mid November) tend to be the worst time as many seasonal grasses, shrubs, weeds and trees are spreading their seeds and pollen in the air.  These microscopic air borne allergens are responsible for the greatest number of dog allergies we see at our Welland Veterinary Clinic.  The most frustrating thing about them is that they are in the air and will get to your pet even if they are mostly indoor.

So if you’ve noticed that your dog is scratching more often, has dry skin, ear infections or any other skin issues flaring up this fall we’d encourage to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced veterinarians at our Welland Veterinary Clinic.  Our Veterinarians can quickly diagnose your dog’s particular allergy and get them comfortable and back to normal health as soon as possible.