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Welland Veterinarian discusses seasonal allergies in dogs

August 13, 2013

Has your dog been scratching a lot lately ? Shaking their head?   Have you wondered what is causing all these problems?  A Welland veterinarian would like to share some insights into this common problem for dogs at this time of year.

We commonly ask you to take a very simple test know as the  ESP TEST  to determine if your dog has seasonal allergies.

E ARS-  are they red,?inflammed? have a strong odour ?is your dog shaking/scratching them?

S KIN- is the skin dry? flaky? greasy? is there excess hair loss? redness,? pustules or scabs?

P AWS- is your dog chewing its feet? is there brown discoloration of the fur around the paws? is the skin between the toes inflammed?

If you are seeing these symptoms in dogs your Welland Veterinarian can help your dog feel more comfortable faster.  Seasonal allergies in dogs often start with these mild symptoms at  first but can quickly deteriorate into more serious infections if not treated properly in the early stages.

The road to recovery starts with establishing the correct diagnosis.  Unfortunatley there are other diseases that can cause similar symptoms in your dog that are not caused by allergies.  Your Welland veterinarian is experienced in managing these conditions and can put you on the right track promptly.

For more information on skin allergies in dogs visit  http://www.petfoodnutrition.com/seasonalallergies/

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