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An Animal Hospital in Welland asks: Have you considered Pet Insurance?

August 1, 2013

For many people having insurance on the things we care most about is a normal fact of life.  We have home insurance, auto insurance, heck we even have life insurance.  Surprisingly, our animal hospital in Welland has found that most pet owners haven’t heard of or considered looking at Pet Insurance.

Pet insurance can help provide coverage for unexpected emergency medical care for your cat or dog.  It provides more than just financial security it gives you peace of mind in knowing that a very important member of your family can receive the medical care they need, as soon as they need it without having finances as an obstacle.  Our animal hospital in Welland has many clients that have benefitted from having their pet insured and strongly encourages every pet owner to look into insurance for their pets.

Pet insurance has evolved greatly over the past decade and the improved coverage it provides lends to it’s increased popularity among pet owners.  Our animal hospital in Welland wants you to know that many pet insurance packages now cover more than just emergencies and illness.  There are some excellent plans that provide financial coverage for routine procedures as well including, vaccines, Heartworm medication,  annual check-ups and bloodwork, dental cleaning and more.

Our animal hospital in Welland feels so strongly about pet insurance that we provide a free gift of pet insurance for any patient under 3 years old that comes to our hospital.  We hope that our patients never need to use it but feel better knowing that it’s there just in case.  If you’re interested in looking into pet insurance now is the time to act.  Pet insurance is available to pets of all ages but it’s best to consider enrolling your pet at a younger age so there are no exclusions to their health coverage.

Some of the companies our Animal hospital in Welland encourages you to consider are :

Petsecure Pet Insurance,  Purina Pet Insurance, PC Financial Pet Insurance .