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Welland Veterinarian and Humane Society Team Up to help Kitten

July 26, 2013

Sometimes you’re lucky, and sometimes you’re really really lucky.  Take the case of the homeless kitten who was helped out by

Dr. Nicole Denouden a Welland Veterinarian with the Main West Animal hospital.

Found outside with a severe respiratory infection by some caring individuals they brought him to the Welland Humane Society.  Upon bringing the cat in they immediatley realized the situation was far more serious and brought him to the Main West Animal Hospital for Welland veterinarian Dr. Denouden to examine.

Both of his eyes were severely infected and painful, far beyond the point of repair.  Her quick action in getting him on antibiotics and starting surgery surely saved his life.  Read more about this amazing story in todays feature Welland Tribune article –  http://www.wellandtribune.ca/2013/07/25/no-eyed-cat-is-lucky