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Should I Get a Guinea Pig? Main West Animal Hospital has some things you should consider

July 16, 2013

Guinea pigs can make excellent additions to any family and provide endless hours of entertainment. Yet, just as with any type of pet, making the decision to adopt one is something that should be properly weighed and considered, as they do come with their own set of unique needs and requirements. If you’re currently trying to determine if one of these cuddly little creatures would be a good fit for you, here is some advice from an established  Welland animal hospital, the Main West Animal Hosptial to help you make an informed decision.

Do you have the time?  While guinea pigs may not require quite as much time and attention as traditional pets like dogs and cats, they still require a commitment on your part. Guinea pigs are social animals and they enjoy interacting with their owners. You’ll also need to set aside adequate time for grooming your new pet and keeping his or her cage clean.

Will your kids and other pets be able to handle it?   If you have children under the age of 10, make certain that they are capable of respecting a guinea pig’s need for space. Young children often play too aggressively for pocket pets, which can result in a bite or scratch as your new pet defends itself. Likewise, be sure any existing pets you have will be able to handle sharing their home with a guinea pig. Discuss your situation with a Welland animal hospital, the Main West Animal Hosptial to be sure your home would be the right fit for a pocket pet.

Is your lifestyle suitable?   Changes in environment, such as frequent moves, can stress out a pet guinea pig. If your job or lifestyle requires a lot of travel or leaving your pet alone for long stretches of time, it may not be a good fit. Like many other companion animals, guinea pigs need stability to be happy and healthy.

Is it in your budget?   There are plenty of costs associated with pet guinea pigs, from food to bedding to a cage in which your new pet will make its home. There’s also the matter of medical care. Your guinea pig should become well-acquainted with your  Welland animal hospital, the Main West Animal Hosptial to ensure that he or she remains healthy. If well cared for, your pet will rarely become sick but on such an occasion, emergency medical treatment may be required, which can become costly.

Owning a guinea pig can be a very rewarding experience, but it’s not for everyone. There are certain things that must be considered prior to taking on such a commitment and responsibility. Weigh your options carefully and discuss it with your  Welland animal hospital, the Main West Animal Hosptial to be sure you make the right decision for you and your family.

At the Main West Animal Hospital , we have been committed to caring for pets for over 35 years.   We understand the incredible bond that develops between people and their pets because we are pet lovers too.  At our hospital we take pride in making a difference in the lives of pets and creating lasting friendships with our clients. We believe that pets are an important part of our family and our community.  We come to work each and every day dedicated to consistently providing compassionate care to improve the lives of pets and their families.

Our highly trained veterinarians and friendly staff create a warm welcoming environment for you and your pet.  Our full service Veterinary hospital uses the latest equipment and technology to ensure we can provide the best care for your pet.  We are dedicated to taking a holistic approach to Veterinary medicine, treating the whole patient and not just the symptoms.

Our hospital provides preventative health care and vaccinations options for pets. We also offer animal chiropractic care,advanced surgical, medical, dental and emergency services. We are fully equipped with In-house Diagnostics, X-ray, Laser Therapy and Endoscopy services.  We would love to meet you and your pet, contact us today so that we can start building a relationship with your family (905)735-7877 or visit us online at www.mainwestvet.com

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