The Do’s and Don’ts of Handling a Pet Emergency from a Welland Veterinary Clinic

Nobody wants to imagine a pet emergency, but things happen. Accidents can happen and disaster can strike at any time, so it’s important that you, as a responsible pet owner, are prepared to handle any situation. If you find yourself facing a pet emergency, keep the following “do’s and don’ts” in mind, as provided by your Welland Veterinary Clinic.


  • Do stay calm. Our animal companions can sense our feelings and emotions, and panicking will only make the situation worse.
  • Do take a moment to assess the situation. Try to identify exactly what happened to your pet. If you’re not completely sure, take note of the specific signs and symptoms your pet is exhibiting. This will help your Welland Veterinary Clinic get a better idea of what type of emergency they’ll be dealing with.
  • Do call your Welland Veterinary Clinic immediately. Explain as much as you can about the situation at hand. The more details you can provide, the quicker and more accurately it can be addressed.
  • Do calmly follow the instructions you’re given. Depending on the situation, your Welland Veterinary Clinic may advise you to perform first aid on your own, before bringing your pet in. In other cases, he or she may just tell you to come in immediately.
  • Do carefully transport your pet, as instructed by your Welland Veterinary Clinic. If you’re told to rush your pet in for treatment, do so with caution. Your pet may be in pain and may lash out.


  • Don’t panic. You’ll need a cool, clear head in order to take control of the situation and care for your pet the best way possible, so try to remain as calm as possible.
  • Don’t struggle with your pet if he or she is uncooperative. This may cause further injury.
  • Don’t try to handle the situation on your own. Even if it seems like something you can get under control, it’s important that you always call your Welland Veterinary Clinic to discuss the situation and determine the level of severity as well as what steps should be taken next.
  • Don’t try to remove any objects that have been embedded in your pet’s skin, or pull out anything that your pet may have swallowed. These things should only be done by at an established Welland Veterinary Clinic to ensure the safety and comfort of your animal companion, and for best results.

As a caring pet owner, it’s your job to advocate for your pet’s health and wellbeing. When an emergency situation arises, it’s important that you know beforehand how to respond so that you can get your pet the best care possible in a timely manner. These “do’s and don’ts” should help you get a handle on the situation, improving the chances of a good outcome for your pet.

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