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Niagara Animal Chiropractor has Tips for Helping Your Dog Lose Weight

June 14, 2013

Just like us, our canine companions can struggle with excess weight. Obesity is a growing problem among companion animals, and can cause a variety of medical conditions, complications and even shorten your pet’s life. If you’ve noticed your pooch has been packing on some extra pounds, it’s time to get out there and get moving. Below, Dr. Aron Bhan an experienced Niagara Animal Chiropractor shares a few helpful tips on helping your dog return to a healthier weight.

Talk to the Vet  – Before you embark on any type of diet or exercise routine for your dog, you should discuss the situation with your Niagara Animal Chiropractor, Dr. Aron Bhan. You want to make sure that your pet is healthy enough to handle physical activity and that the weight gain isn’t due to an underlying medical condition.

Get Moving  – Once you’ve gotten the green light from your Niagara Animal Chiropractor, it’s time to get out there and start moving. Hit the streets and go for a walk or jog, take a hike, play a game of fetch – whatever seems to interest your dog and stimulates him both mentally and physically. Dr. Aron Bhan, your Niagara Animal Chiropractor can suggest specific types of activities that would be best suited for your dog, based on things like breed, age and overall health.

Feed a Healthier Diet  – Your dog’s weight gain may have a lot to do with the food you’re feeding, and/or how frequently you’re feeding your dog. Discuss your pet’s nutritional needs with your Niagara Animal Chiropractor and see if a weight-management food would be best, or if cutting back on the amount or frequency of feeding will be sufficient.

Skip the Treats  – We all love to reward and pamper our dogs, but too many treats can contribute to too much extra weight for your dog to have to carry around. Cut back on the amount and how often you’re giving treats to your dog, or better yet – replace them altogether with a little extra love and attention.

Get the Family Involved   – We could all stand to be a little healthier and more active, so why not make getting your dog in shape a family affair? Take walks as a family, or bring your dog along with you when you hit the local swimming hole. Talk it over with Dr. Aron, a Niagara Animal Chiropractor and figure out what types of activities you can all do together to not only get healthier but to also strengthen the bond you have with one another.

Don’t Give Up  – Like anything else in life, if you want to see results with helping your dog to lose weight, you have to be consistent. Establish a routine, work closely with your Niagara Animal Chiropractor and stick with it! Before you know it, your hard work and determination will have your dog feeling healthier in no time!

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