Lost Pet! Tips for Finding a Missing Pet

It’s a scenario no pet owner wants to imagine, but unfortunately an animal getting loose and wandering away is something that could happen to anyone, so you have to be prepared. Do you have a specific plan in place should your pet escape your care? Here are some helpful tips from your Welland vet on what you can do to improve the chances of finding your missing pet and bringing them home safely.

First and foremost, you should always be proactive about keeping your pet safe. Always keep up-to-date identification on your pet’s collar and ensure that he or she is always wearing it. For an extra measure of precaution, you may want to consider having your pet microchipped by your Welland vet. The more easily identifiable your animal companion is, the greater the chances you’ll be able to retrieve them quickly and safely should they become separated from you.

If your pet does manage to escape, take the following actions as quickly as possible:

  • Contact your Welland vet and file reports with all the animal shelters in the area. Follow up every day or two.
  • Post easy to read signs at major crossroads in the area where your pet went missing. Include a recent picture of your pet and a clear way to get ahold of you.
  • Post a notice at your Welland vet office.
  • Get the word out to others in the neighborhood to be on the lookout for your lost pet.
  • Run a “lost pet” ad in your local newspaper. Most papers offer this service for free.
  • Use social media outlets, like Facebook, to post information about your lost pet and ask others to share with their own networks. Ask your Welland vet if they can post a notice on their social media pages as well.
  • Post a “lost pet” ad on Petfinder.com and check their database of found pets in your area.
  • Remember to be patient, but proactive. It may take some time to locate your missing pet, but your persistence will likely pay off in the end.

Losing a pet can be a nerve wracking experience, but it doesn’t have to end badly. By following the tips provided here and working with your Welland vet, you’ll have an excellent chance of reuniting with your pet.

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