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Exercise Tips for your Rabbit from a Niagara Vet

February 4, 2013

There’s arguably nothing cuter than a plump, fuzzy rabbit, but obesity in bunnies can be just as dangerous as it is in people and other types of pets. Additionally, rabbits require ample mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Help keep your pet in tip-top shape, physically and mentally, with these suggestions from your Niagara vet.  Our veterinarians at the Main West Animal Hospital are experienced with providing care for rabbits and would love to meet your bunny.

Give them room to roam.  It’s important to remember that your rabbit’s cage is more than just a place to sleep. It’s also where he or she eats, plays and goes to the bathroom. Make sure you’re providing your bunny ample room to move around and a large enough space that any waste products can be kept separate from other areas.

Let them explore.  Providing luxury living accommodations isn’t enough to keep your rabbit healthy and fit. You should also allow your pet to spend time outside the cage, exploring and playing. Just make sure you are closely supervising any time spent outside the cage to prevent your pet from encountering anything that might cause illness or injury. Your Niagara vet can give you some pointers on how to bunny-proof your home.

Toys, toys and more toys.  Rabbit toys come in a wide variety and serve many different purposes. Chew toys are designed to help keep your pet’s teeth at a comfortable length while tugging toys help to stimulate physical and mental activity. Even something as simple as a paper bag or cardboard box can provide your bunny with hours of entertainment.

Introduce them to the great outdoors.  Your home is not the only place for your rabbit to explore. You can also bring them outside from time to time. If your yard is fenced in you can allow your pet to roam freely – just keep a close eye on him at all times. Or, build an outdoor pen or cage for your pet to enjoy some fresh air safely. If you treat your grass with pesticide or fertilizer, don’t let your pet graze, and keep him out of direct sunlight to prevent heatstroke.

Having a pet rabbit can provide years of enjoyment, but it’s important that you do your part to make sure your pet stays healthy and happy throughout its lifetime. By following these tips and working closely with your trusted Niagara vet, you can provide a happy, active home for your floppy-eared companion.