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Lyme Disease Vaccination Main West Animal Hospital Welland

April 9, 2012

The Main West Animal Hospital in Welland is now offering our clients vaccinations for dogs against Lyme disease.  This disease is transmitted by Deer ticks when they bite your dog and can make them quite ill.  Please look at some of our previous blog articles for more information on this disease.

The veterinarians at our animal hospital are not recommending that all dogs be vaccinated against Lyme disease at this time as it is not widespread in the Welland area.  We would like to discuss vaccination options with clients that are finding ticks attached to their dogs.  If you are concerned about Lyme disease please feel free to contact our veterinary clinic in Welland.  Our staff would be happy to help find the best solution to keep your dog safe this spring.  The Main West Animal Hospital also carries products that can help kill ticks and keep them off your pets. Feel free to drop by our animal clinic to see what solutions will work best for you and your family.