Main West Animal Hospital Case of the Week #2

This week we wanted to take the opportunity to share a story about one of the cutest little dogs you’ll every see.  Maggie, is a beautiful King Charles Cavalier Spaniel that came to see Dr. Aron Bhan at the Main West Animal Hospital in Welland.

She had been limping on her hind leg and her parents were concerned about her being painful.  Maggie may be small, but she’s awfully tough!!! She didn’t make a peep while  her veterinarian Dr. Aron examined her legs.  In fact she even gave a few kisses after he was done.


Unfortunately Dr. Aron had some disappointing news…. Maggie’s patella (kneecap) was loose and dislocating when she walked.

This condition known as Medial Patellar Luxation is fairly common in smalldogs.  In order to improve Maggie was going to need a surgery performed to help keep her kneecap in place when she bent her knee.

Maggie underwent surgery successfully at our animal hospital in Welland to have the corrective procedure performed. Our veterinary technicians performed laser therapy after surgery to decrease swelling and improve healing time.  With a ton of help from her loving parents Maggie was able to make a very successful recovery  and is walking without a limp today.  All of our staff at the Main West Animal Hospital are so happy to see Maggie doing so well, keep it up Maggie!!!!


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