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Main West Animal Hospital Case of the Week #1

March 14, 2012

In this segment our veterinary team would like to share with you some of the stories of the amazing animals that we see at the Main West Animal Hospital , Welland.

We’d like to introduce you to “Chi-Chi”  a beautiful, friendly Female Boxer.  She loves to cuddle is super friendly, obviously very very cute…. oh and we forgot to mention….likes to eat things she shouldn’t.

When Chi-Chi stopped eating and started vomiting her parents were very concerned.  They brought her in to see Dr. Nicole Denouden at our veterinary hospital in Welland.

Xrays were taken and to everyone’s surprise there was something in the stomach.











Everyone was very worried, an object like that could damage the stomach and intestines or worse yet… cause a complete blockage.  Different options were discussed and we even had planned on surgery to remove the object(s).  Fortunately for everyone Chi-Chi knew best and just before she was scheduled for surgery she was given some medicine that can cause vomiting…. and to everyone’s delight, up it came.

Hopefully she chooses her snacks differently next time

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