Dental Disease Insight from a Welland Veterinarian

We are continuing our February series on Dental health for our clients. This week we are touching on how dental disease develops in your pet.  The Main West Animal Hospital has been dedicated to serving people and pets for over 33 years. We serve clients in Welland, Port Colborne, Pelham, Fenwick and the Niagara region.  If you have any concerns about your dog or cat’s dental health we would be happy to have our veterinary team answer any of your questions. Our animal hospital is always happy to accept new patients and build a relationship with your family.


In simple terms this is inflammation of the gums.  Gingivitis occurs as the plaque and tartar accumulate on the surface of teeth.  Plaque and tartar are caused by bacteria that are normally found in the mouth. When food and debris are trapped in the space between the tooth and gums irritation and infection can occur.

Over time chronic inflammation and infection weaken the supporting structures of the tooth leading to periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease

Welland-Vet-TeethOnce established, this disease is very difficult to cure, and  its advancement can only be slowed. Pockets filled with pus and debris form, leading to bad breath (halitosis). The inflamed gums become separated from the tooth (periodontal pockets) and the bone that supports the tooth socket weakens. This process causes significant discomfort and pain and often leads to tooth root abscesses and eventual  the loss of the affected tooth.

Periodontal disease also increases your cat and dog’s  risk for other problems such as lung, heart, kidney, and joint infections. This occurs because the gum tissue is inflamed allowing bacteria get into the bloodstream and potentially infect other areas of the body.

Scheduling regular appointments with our veterinarians will help us to help you  to provide the best care for your dog or cat’s mouth.  Professional dental cleaning can significantly improve your pet’s oral health and avoid the serious complications that can occur with advanced dental disease.

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