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Listen up Welland- “All about dogs” 105.1 ED Fm

January 5, 2012

We wanted to let all our friends know that this Sunday morning (Jan 8th) at 8:00am Dr. Aron Bhan will be joining Dave McMahon live on 105.1 ED FM to answer your questions about your pooch.  The show is a hilarious, informative hour where Dave and Aron share their unique insight and perspectives on the world of canine behaviour and health.

We encourage you to tune in and join the conversation.  If you have any dog related questions don’t hesitate to give the station a shout

Studio Line:  905-374-1051
Toll Free:  1-800-628-5488

You can listen to previous shows with Dave and Aron on Nov 27/2011 at  http://www.1051edfm.com/on-air/all-about-dogs/

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