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Inspiring tales from your Welland Veterinarian

January 4, 2012

  Boo Boo’s Story (A heartwarming, tail thumping story of a kitten)

Her story began at 6 weeks old when she and her mother decided to explore their surroundings near Picton Ontario.  Disaster was not long in coming.  A car hit both of them, killing her mother and crushing her leg.  Boo Boo (for that is her name now), laid in the ditch near her dead mother for 4 days until a young woman finally found her.  She was taken to an animal clinic in Picton.  There was no good news.  She needed to have her left front leg and shoulder removed.  The young woman could not afford the $1,500 cost of an operation.  It seemed that this beautiful little kitten who showed a driving will to survive was destined for an early end.  Her tale of woe reached the ears of a caring young veterinarian  Dr. Aron from Main West Animal Hospital in Welland.  He was vacationing near Picton and so brought little Boo Boo to his clinic.  He did the necessary surgery and the follow up care.  This lovely little 3 legged bandit then stole  the kind hearts of Liz and Dave Phillipson.  She was given a beautiful home, caring parents and all the love a kitten could ask for.

She was named Boo Boo and she is now 5 months old and is having the time of her life.  She brings laughter and joy with her antics, endless curiosity and affection.