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Swmming in the Welland Canal

October 15, 2011

At the Main West Animal Hospital our clients are always asking us if it’s safe to let their dog(s) swim in the Old Welland Canal. Apparently there are silly rumours about the water making dogs sick. We have many clients from Pelham/Fonthill, Welland and Port Colborne that swim their dogs regularly in the canal (some owners even swim with the dogs!!!). Rarely are there any issues with this. Swimming is a great summer activity for dogs. It provides tons of exercise and is especially good for older dogs with arthritis issues because it’s a non-weight bearing exercise. If you are going to enjoy the canal with your dog make sure that they are vaccinated and to respect others using the waterway as well. Also be wary of the local mallard ducks that live on the canal (seriously). They tend to swim away rather than fly from dogs that think it’s fun to chase them…. We’ve heard of more that one dog that’s swam strait across to other side of the canal after a duck before it flew off. It’s not very easy to get them back after that.
If you’re unsure if you’re dog is up to date on vaccines give our office a call at 905-735-7877 and we can ensure you’re dog is protected.