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Walking Your Dog in Welland, Port Colborne and Niagara

September 26, 2011

Most dog owners in Welland, Pelham and Port Colborne love to take our dogs out for a walk. There’s nothing better than a long stroll in the park with our four-legged family members.   Unfortunately it’s all too often we find that someone else has recently done the same with their pet and failed to clean up after them when they go to the washroom.  We know that most dog owners are conscious of others and pick up after their pets, but it only takes a few who don’t do give all of us a bad name.

When you are out walking your dog, ensure to have them on leash and have biodegradable “poop bags” on hand when your pet does need to go to the bathroom.  This helps improve the image of dog owners in our community and continues to allow us access to parks and public spaces that might be otherwise restricted to us.  If you need biodegradable bags, leashes, dog water bottles and accessories come see your local veterinary clinic at the Main West Animal Hospital in Welland. Our staff can show you through our store and make sure you’ve got everything you need for you next outing with your dog.

Don’t forget the treats!!!