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Flea Medication and Cats

September 23, 2011

If you have owned cats for any length of time you have likely had the unpleasant experience of finding fleas on them.  Just the mention of fleas is enough to make most people’s skin start to crawl and their mind race with thoughts of a full house infestation and calling the exterminator.

Although fleas can certainly cause significant discomfort for you and your pet there are some simple and effective solutions available to you to prevent and treat this problem.  Some of the most effective flea control products are sold exclusively through your veterinary clinic.  These products are easy to administer and safe for your cats.  There are monthly topical products like Advantage® , Advantage Multi®, and Revolution ®. Additionally there is a flea “birth control” injection called Program ® that can be administered by your vet.

If you are seeing fleas on your cat don’t hesitate to contact the Main West Animal Hospital, Welland (905)735-7877. Our helpful staff will ensure that you get the problem under control in a timely manner.