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Niagara Wine Festival

September 15, 2011

This weekend the annual Niagara Wine Festival begins (Sept 16-25). It is an excellent opportunity for Niagara’s wineries and Restaurants to showcase their offerings to the public.  It’s also a great time to acknowledge that Niagara Region is one of the premier grape growing regions in Canada.  Grapes can be turned into many wonderful products for humans including wines, jellies, raisins and more.

Sounds delicious…. But did you know that grape and raisin products can be extremely toxic to dogs?  Few people realize that ingesting grape products can result in significant kidney damage in some dogs. In some instances they can cause complete kidney failure in dogs.  At the Main West Animal Hospital we recommend not feeding your dog any grape or raisin products to avoid these complications.  So if you are living in  Welland, Fonthill, Port Colborne or the Niagara region in general keep this in mind.  As grape harvest time can bring us wonderful treats… just make sure you have something else to feed your dog instead.