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Main West Animal Hospital: A Reminder from Main West Animal Hospital about Annual Check-ups

August 10, 2011

Just like you, the dedicated staff at  Main West Animal Hospital  wants to see your pet live a long, happy and healthy life.  That’s why it’s so important to incorporate annual visits to  Main West Animal Hospital  into your pet care routine.  This is often overlooked for a number of reasons.  Sometimes a busy schedule gets in the way.  Other times we may look at our pet and think, “he seems healthy to me”, making the costly decision to delay or forgo an annual visit to  Main West Animal Hospital  altogether.

Annual Wellness Checks at Main West Animal Hospital

It’s important to remember that annual wellness check-ups at your  Main West Animal Hospital  are critical to the ongoing health and happiness of your pet.  These visits give the staff at Main West Animal Hospital the chance to identify possible health issues before they become a problem.  The fact is Main West Animal Hospital sees countless unfortunate cases of beloved animals facing painful or life-threatening conditions that could have easily been prevented with early detection during a routine visit.

What Does an Annual Check-up at Main West Animal Hospital Involve?

A lot goes into the wellness visits we conduct at Main West Animal Hospital.  First, we verify that your pet is up to date on all necessary vaccinations.  This is to ensure that they are protected from possible illness in the future.  Your Main West Animal Hospital vet will ask you questions about how your pet is doing, such as energy level, appetite, and any unusual behaviors to assess wellbeing and identify any possible areas of concern.

The next part of the check-up involves the actual physical examination of your pet.  Your Main West Animal Hospital veterinarian will measure weight and check the ears, eyes, skin and teeth.  Believe it or not, your pet’s weight and dental health are two of the most important aspects of his ongoing wellbeing.  These yearly visits to Main West Animal Hospital help to quickly pinpoint and address any issues that may cause future health problems.  For instance, if your dog is overweight, the knowledgeable staff at Main West Animal Hospital can advise you on proper diet and exercise to help get it under control before it becomes a problem.

Question and Answer Time at Main West Animal Hospital

Once the physical part of the annual check-up is complete and any potential health problems are identified and addressed, you’ll be able to spend a few moments asking questions and discussing any concerns you may have.  The staff at Main West Animal Hospital is highly trained and happy to answer your queries.  Perhaps your puppy has been exhibiting unusual behavior or your cat has been acting out of character.  The annual wellness visit is the perfect opportunity to bring up anything you’ve been worried about and get the valuable advice you need from the Main West Animal Hospital experts.

The bottom line is, you love your pet and want what’s best for her.   Main West Animal Hospital  does as well, so don’t forget to schedule that important annual check-up today.