• Cool Kitties – 5 Ways to Help Your Cat Beat Summertime Heat

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    Would you ever wear a fur coat in the middle of summer? Probably not! Our feline friends, however, don’t have much of a choice in the matter. Summertime can be very dangerous for cats, who can be at serious risk of heat stroke on sweltering days. Panting may help kitties cool off a little, but this isn’t very effective for them. Sweating doesn’t help much either, as cats only sweat through their paw pads. Here … Read More »

  • These Dog Breeds Really Suffer From Heat Stress

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    Your region’s warmer spring months have gotten you excited about wearing shorts and tee shirts this summer. However, your Labrador retriever Harley is concerned about avoiding heat stress during his neighborhood walks and exercise sessions. He’s also quite worried about his canine buddies who are especially prone to hot-weather distress. Fortunately, your veterinarian has provided valuable guidance on avoiding heat-related medical problems. Brachycephalic Breeds These poor pooches have relatively small skulls, short noses, and upper … Read More »

  • Super Fluffy Cat Breeds

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    Cats are, in our opinion, among the cutest and most lovable animals on the planet. Their adorable little faces, quirky mannerisms, and silly antics definitely make them hard to resist! Our feline friends come in many different colors and patterns, from fluffy to sleek to even bald. If you’re looking for a new furry pal, and prefer fluffy cats, you may want to look into these super cute, super sweet, and super fluffy breeds! Persian … Read More »

  • Your Dog Might Love These Challenging Sports

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    Your retriever mix Apollo is chomping at the bit for a new challenge. This clever four-year-old canine enjoys his dog park runs and neighborhood walks, but he’s clearly ready to launch his mind and body into something different. Fortunately, you’ve read about several increasingly popular canine sports your energetic pooch might enjoy. Before you sign Apollo up, however, your veterinarian will carefully evaluate his overall physical condition. Flying Disc Follies Apollo has been playing with … Read More »

  • 5 Reasons to Get Your Cat a Cat Tower

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    Did you know that cat towers are actually very good for our feline friends? While providing quality food, fresh water, a clean litterbox, lots of love, and a few toys will see to Fluffy’s basic needs, a cat tower will provide several great benefits. In this article, your local vet lists five reasons to get Kitty a tower. Entertainment Setting a cat tower in front of a window with a view is almost guaranteed to … Read More »

  • Could Your Canine Companion Become a Therapy Dog?

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    Your golden retriever Savannah wants to become a therapy dog. After her canine buddy received his Therapy Dog certification, he and his owner/volunteer handler regularly visit several cooperating facilities. Each month, this dedicated team visits a nursing home, hospital, and assisted living facility. He especially enjoys spending time at your town’s elementary school, where he listens to children practice their reading skills. After seeing her friend’s excitement, Savannah wants to get started. As your canine … Read More »

  • Petiquette – How to Raise a Polite Kitty

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    Good manners are very important, not just for people, but for animals too! Just like people, cats develop many of their opinions and manners while they’re young. How Kitty is treated and taught to behave as a kitten will have a huge effect on how she acts as an adult. Therefore, for your kitten to grow up into a well-mannered cat, it’s very important to encourage good ‘petiquette’ while she’s little. In this article, your … Read More »

  • How to Catch a Runaway Gerbil

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    Do you have a pet gerbil? If so, you have a furry little escape artist in your home! Gerbils are notorious for getting out of their cages. These tiny animals are very nimble, and can easily find a hiding spot. In this article, your local Pelham vet discusses what to do if your tiny furball ever makes a break for it. Confine Other Pets If you have any other pets, especially dogs or cats, keep … Read More »

  • How to Tame a Cockatiel

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    Have you recently adopted a cockatiel? These beautiful birds can make excellent, loving pets. Cockatiels have very distinct personalities, and must be tamed and socialized. If you’ve fallen for a bird that wasn’t properly socialized, or has had bad experiences, it may take some time for you to truly tame your pet. In this article, your local Welland vet offers tips on taming cockatiels. Get To Know Your Bird If your bird is acting aggressive, … Read More »

  • Budget-Friendly DIY Rabbit Toys

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    Like many pocket pets, rabbits are curious and playful, and can quickly get bored living in a cage. To keep your bunny entertained and happy, you’ll need to provide him with lots of toys. Rabbits are known for their need to chew, so, needless to say, many of their toys don’t last very long! Below, your veterinarian Pelham gives some great options for cheap, DIY bunny toys. Herbs Bunnies love fresh herbs! One inexpensive way … Read More »

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