• Tips for Boarding Your Dog

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    Are you going on a trip in the near future? Whether you’re taking a vacation, going away on business, or seeing to a personal matter, you may have to leave your dog behind. Boarding can be a little vacation for Fido, too! Your pooch will get to make some new friends, and you’ll be able to relax, knowing he’s being cared for by professionals. Here are some helpful tips for boarding your dog: Schedules Before … Read More »

  • Give Your Mobility-Challenged Cat Some Exercise

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    Your senior cat Molly seems to enjoy being the grande dame of your household. Each day, this ten-year-old feline matriarch supervises your family and two younger cats from her comfy bed. She occasionally arises to pad through the house and take several sips of water. Although your elegant feline companion moves more slowly these days, you want to provide her with regular enjoyable exercise. Fortunately, your veterinarian has recommended several options that blend nicely with … Read More »

  • Help Your Senior Dog Cope with the Cold-Weather Months

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    Your Labrador retriever Sammy has always been a canine cold weather fan. When the fall days became brisk, and the nights grew almost frigid, he still clamored to get outside for potty walks. Even during the icy winters, your energetic pooch took every opportunity to romp in the great outdoors. After he turned nine, however, Sammy gradually became more reluctant to leave your home’s toasty warmth. Now when you coax him outside, he quickly completes … Read More »

  • Great New Apps for Cat Lovers

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    Do you have a cat and a smartphone? Chances are, if you’re reading this, you probably do! We’ve seen some amazing technological advances in recent years, and it doesn’t look like this trend will be slowing down anytime soon. While taking care of your furball is still, for the most part, fairly low tech, you might be surprised to find how many great apps there are for our feline friends and their admirers. Here are … Read More »

  • Your Dog Can Experience Age-Related Behavioral Changes

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    Your golden retriever Rusty has always been a model pooch. Your ten-year-old dog’s easygoing nature simply captivates everyone he meets. During his regular walks and dog park visits, he shows a furiously wagging tail and a happy grin. After an exhausting day of playtime, he sacks out on his bed for some well-deserved sleep. Recently, however, your senior companion has displayed several out-of-character actions. You’d like your veterinarian to determine if an emerging medical problem … Read More »

  • Cats and Leashes – Should You Walk Your Cat?

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    Does your feline friend often scratch or meow at the door? Does she spend hours at the window, watching birds and squirrels? If so, your furry friend may enjoy being walked on a leash. While we normally associate leashes and walks with our canine pals, some of our feline buddies also enjoy a nice stroll. But should you walk your cat? Read on for some tips from a local veterinarian. Why Walk A Cat? Kitties … Read More »

  • Meet the AKC’s Three Newest Dog Breeds

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    Our canine friends certainly come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Did you know that there are over 187 dog breeds now recognized by the AKC? That number includes three adorable new breeds. In this article, a local vet introduces these three new breeds. Berger Picard Just added to the AKC’s Herding Group, the Berger Picard is an amiable, playful farm dog that originated in France. The Berger Picard is very rare, so … Read More »

  • Your Cat Can Develop a Harmful Compulsive Behavior

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    Your calico cat Chelsea has personal grooming down to a science. Each morning, this five-year-old feline housemate begins licking her coat right after breakfast; and she continues all day long. Although cats regularly groom themselves, her fur is showing some bare spots. Your companion has also traded her daily playtime and brushing/belly rub sessions for this single-minded pursuit. Tomorrow, your veterinarian will determine if Chelsea has developed a potentially harmful compulsive behavior. Feline Compulsive Behaviors … Read More »

  • Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

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    Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? Many dog owners like to mark the day of their canine buddies’ anniversary with special treats or even gifts. After all, Fido is family! You may not know your dog’s actual birthday, but you likely have a record of the day he came into your home. Doggy treats and toys are always appropriate for your canine pal’s birthday, and are definitely recommended, but there are plenty of other options. … Read More »

  • Guide to Choosing the Proper Cat Litter

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    You’re excited to be joining the ranks of happy cat owners. Tomorrow, you’ll bring home Trixie, a charming calico cat you met at your town’s animal shelter. You’ve already bought her a plush bed, rhinestone collar, and all the cat toys she could possibly handle. You’ve also scheduled a new patient appointment with your veterinarian. The vet will provide her with a thorough exam and prescribe a quality life-stage diet. However, you’re still mulling over … Read More »

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